3 Ways Building A Business Is Like The Song FreeBird

Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd was released in 1974 and achieved many awards along with the No. 3 spot on Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Guitar Solo. The original rendition was only about 4 minutes long, it was just the slow part and singing. Then there is a version that’s about 7 minutes, another about 9 minutes, and another about 15 minutes aside from the extremely long version played live. Now that you have some background on Freebird, here’s why there’s a strong connection between the entrepreneurial spirit and this song.

The Lyrics

The lyrics explain the “he” cannot stay because he can’t change now that he’s free as a bird.

This is a feeling an entrepreneur has during the change over phase going from the 9–5 into this world of what they think is freedom. The innocent and unknown filled with possibilities of what this idea can become and no longer being held down by others — the freedom.

The Iterations

As explained in the intro, this song has many versions and started from a 4-minute slow song.

In a entrepreneurial venture you will have to pivot your business many times to reach customers, beat competition and create new ways of making revenue. To continue growing in business, you must continually adapt to the market while providing a solution for your customers.


Freebird starts off as a slow song for a period of time only to prepare it’s audience for a high-energy — band combining melody with wailing guitars.

Starting a business at first is typically very slow (idea implement, idea implement, pivot-test-implement, learn-test-pivot-test-implement and so on. But once you get the hang of it, the team or (Solopreneur) can ride the high energy. The business becomes more exciting and the small things don’t bother as much allowing you — the entrepreneur to move forward with new ideas, bring on new people and expand. You learn how to ride the RIFF.

Just like most businesses, the first version of this song is not what it remembered as one of the all times favorites. Keep working at your business; be obsessed with making it better and you to could be in the top 100 as well.

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