History: The Day With More Than 24 Hours!

Well first days are typically challenging considering all the new aspects of life one has to adjust to. First days are usually tough despite the context; school, job, public talk, or BOOTCAMP. Even so, the second day at the Andela Bootcamp has been amazingly long. I know long days are typically boring and less eventful but not in this context. When I say long I mean the entire day 2 experience feels way more than the few hours it has been in real-life. The level of engagement, the vastness of knowledge to seek, the overwhelming challenges, and the back and forth between loosing hope and getting it back because you have no choice is amazing! The entire experience makes time lose meaning as a result of the cognitive engagement it demands. It honestly feels like it has been more than 24 hours on this day and let me share why.

I was up from the crack of dawn (after sleeping super late last night trying to catch up) and my morning greeting was of course “Hello World!” but not as it was a few days back. Today, the greeting was from the “Hello World” repository on GitHub. I started off catching up on some of the Git Bash commands ( I can’t believe I am the one using vocabulary like commands), learning how to make the commits and what they represent in a project. Soon after, I was on HTML and CSS making changes to the first ever UI I have ever built, and finally started with making branches and pushing commits to them.

When I woke up, I only had superficial knowledge on these concepts but now I am the master of the previous version of myself!! Yes, I have also been learning stuff about version control. I have lost count of how many times I have given up today but I know I am better than I was when I woke up. I have been reminded by a colleague in my team that “If I can’t fly, then I should run. If that is hard too, I should walk. If that is also challenging, I should crawl. If incapable of all that, then I should focus on moving forward.” Combining these wise words with those of my mentor (“You should only compete with the yesterday version of yourself”), I pledge to keep avoid being too weak all the way to week 2. Let’s keep on keeping on.