Shopping List for Aliens!!

The ShoppingList project has been one of the most challenging tasks I have ever engaged myself in. Prior to the Andela bootcamp, I assumed that the first week would be dedicated toward teaching and brushing up on the basics as per the Homes Study modules. This was not the case. As I soon came to realize, my expectations were way off!! I have never learned this much stuff within such a short time. I can feel the skill deficiency but I can also see some of the progress. Though little, I appreciate the progress I have made, and give thanks to God for this far He has brought me. I was usually reserved to my social group where all the comfort is sought. However, there was a burning issue in my heart and I felt the need to change. In fact, I pledged to myself that I would not only change the friends but also my careers path, my entire life. I have been drawn to development mostly by movies and television series predominantly due to the unfamiliarity most people express when it comes to tech talk. I have decided to follow this path and see where it takes me for I am certain that it leads somewhere at least. All other things don’t give me this fire that has been sparked by Andela. I will keep on pushing.

So if you are wondering why “Shopping List for Aliens” just hold your horses for a bit (but keep your expectations very low). Yes, I am an Alien, a stranger to this world of c0d3 and the entire universe it paves way to. I am still in disbelief when I sit down and reflect on my recent past. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday has never passed by as fast in real-life as it has when you just read them out. From day 1, it has been working on and on sometimes doing things that I might not be able to remember the process of learning them despite knowing them right now. For the first time in my life I can use the words “push” and “commit” in one sentence, several times in a day.

Well if you think it’s strange probably you need to sign up for this journey because “push” has nothing to do with exerting physical force and “commit” should not scare you if you are single. The very meanings of the words change when you go through the door into the vast tech world with its own languages, vocabularies, codes of conducts, and expectations. If that is too much, then you should empower yourself to a better version, control your learning as you own it, and focus on growth as the key pillar to your mindset. To anyone, this would be time wasting but the ShoppingList has indeed changed my thinking. I have bought the idea of becoming a world-class tech leader. This thing (whatever it is) gives you power to change the world. Just like aliens!!!