A Foggy Walk in Vancouver
Sean Foo

Getting my self lost

Losing your everyday route to home can at times be a meta experience. It feels so scary, lonely and yet your heart seeks for hope. To be true, at some times, I’d deliberately get myself lost in the neighborhood and ask the universe to take me to places I’ve never been to.

I walk around and see places I have never seen and yet it somehow feels like I have seen it somewhere. A strange feeling like my soul knows its way around. As I walk alone through the empty roads, I experience ephemeral loneliness, fear of being lost, a feeling of butterflies in the stomach-like I’m in love and hope. A hope that I’ll find my way back. A gut feeling that keeps telling me that its all right, keep going.

A Foggy Walk in Vancouver is the one of the best stories I’ve read from an author who experiences life just like I do.

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