Hello Team, On the series of AWS use cases, I found the AWS Calculators are super easy and make easy life for DevOps teams to make estimates of the cost.

In the past, I used to work on Excel Sheet to put the resource requirements and look each individual service…

Myself Sreedhar, I am currently working with an Edu-Tech startup, Toppr

I worked with Alacriti Info System in Hyderabad, India in the past. I used work with R&D team developing new products and innovative projects for their team.

I am an explorer and developer who loves to build products end…

I would present about the differences between Python and Java programming languages from my professional experience. If you would like to more about me. The content is my opinion after building web apps in Python stack for 2.5 years and Java Stack about a year now.

  • Object Orientation concepts are…

This is a small story, How I started with dockers very quickly.

If this is the first you heard about Docker. Its highly recommended reading its wiki page.

Docker is software which allows you to run independently “containers” with single Linux instance, avoid the overhead of running VMs.

If you…

It is been a long time, I haven’t done any long trips. Last month i.e., January I went to trip to visit few places in Kerala and Tamilnadu.

We planned this trip long back in November last year with colleagues.

We started from Hyderabad around 9 PM and reached Coimbatore…

Every time I came here to write my thoughts or experiences, I notify that latest version ghost package is available to upgrade. Today I have upgraded system packages and ghost to the latest version.

I will share my experience “How to upgrade ubuntu packages” in another blog. Today my focus…

From the last couple of weeks, I was occupied with works and demo at the workplace. It is been four months after moving to Hyderabad from Pune.

When I was in Pune, the city of hill stations, I explored lots of places nearby places.

This Friday, I was thinking to…

Today, I would like to write something about Kafka Queue system. I would like cover following topics.

  1. Brief Introduction of Kafka Queue System.
  2. Setting up Kafka and configuring with maven projects.
  3. Examples for Kafka Producer and Consumer
  4. Gotchas which I faced in configuration.


In today’s world of data, It is…

Sreedhar Bukya

Software Engineer , Build Everything required.

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