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Sreelal TS
Mar 20 · 2 min read

Hey geeky AoGDev,

Are you using Sublime Text? Let me tell you, I love Sublime Text. It’s a really amazing one. I always need to code less. Think, what if you got a brand new idea right now, and ready to build an Action? You suddenly go to AoG Console, set up a new project, give it a cool name, and what? Want to code something to build up the fulfillment, uh? As usual, you open up your favorite IDE and start coding. Memorizing the initial steps to make the fulfillment active.

Now, here we go. As mine, is Sublime Text your favorite? Then you don’t have to spare a lot of time for setting up fulfillment. I built up a bundle of snippets for Actions On Google. Install the ‘AoG-sublime-snippets’ here:

There we go! No worries, if you’re a VS Code fan, you have a package from Denis V. Check out his blog post here:

His project was my inspiration. I thought, “wouldn’t it be so nice if I built my own snippets rather than switching to VS Code?”. And later, I worked for this project. And made these features available for this project:

Snippet Key — Description

aog — Creates required AoG scaffold for Firebase Cloud Functions.
ask — Creates conv.ask() method.
intent — Creates intent handler.
intent1 — Creates intent handler with 1 string parameter.
card — Creates a basic card with an image.
carousel — Creates a carousel response.
browsecarousel — Creates a Browse Carousel response.
hpermission — Creates helper for getting name, precise location or coarse location.
htime — Creates helper for getting time.
hplace — Creates helper for getting place.
hconfirmation — Creates helper for getting confirmation.
media — Creates a MediaObject for media response.
storage — Shortcut for getting object.
suggestion — Creates suggestion chips.

Try it out! I hope this will help!
Keep tuned for updates! And, I’m making sure myself to thank Denis this time.
So, now it’s up to you. Get ready and build an Action to help users across Google. We’re excited to see what you build.

Sreelal TS

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