Leaders of Sreepur…

We are really excited to share with you our newest Leaders! Every six months we ‘recruit’ new Leader Mothers for the village — the candidates go through a rigorous and competitive evaluation to win a place as a Leader.

At Sreepur Village we are incredibly fortunate to have many strong and encouraging women who want to give their time to support and lead the other mothers, both those that are new to the Village and those who have been with us for longer.

The role of our Leaders is to provide this support network for all of our mothers, and to encourage others who want to be the next Leaders to put themselves forward.

We distinguish our Leaders by their green Saris or green Salwar Kamiz. It is also a symbol of their empowerment and makes them easy for mothers seeking guidance or support to find.

Each Leader is assigned to a different area of Sreepur, where they provide support to the clinic, big dining, school, special children, halfway house, mothers, children and most importantly our training programs. Our Leaders play a vital role in our Village.

This Tuesday we had a chance to sit down with our new leaders and asked them to talk to us about their role and time at Sreepur…

Shirina is the Leader of the tailoring section:
“I am here from a remote area. I suffered a lot in the early part of my widowhood period. Early on, I could not communicate with people. I didn’t know how to talk to others and it was very difficult for me to meet people. Since coming to Sreepur Village though I have become socialised and am now even the the leader of many other women. Nobody will believe it but until I came to Sreepur I had never I learn how to eat in front of others! The post of Leader has given me dignity and is a real honour.
Before coming to Sreepur I had only ever reached up to grade eight at school, but I am now preparing for my Secondary School Certificate. When I leave Sreepur I want to open up my own business, and Sreepur has given me the skills and confidence to be able to do it.”

Hasila is the Leader of Middle Boys House:
“I think, here every mother has individual freedom. Like me, all of them can consider their future, plan independently, and receive the support that they need to make their plans a reality. My future plan pushes me to be a Leader! I love this role! When the mothers, children and staff call me Leader-Didi (mother), I feel deeply honoured. I want to begin work in an official job, one that will help me reach my goals and I know that I will be able to achieve them with what I have learned since coming to Sreepur.”

Munia is the Leader of our Clinic:
“When first I came here, I saw all of the didi (mothers) wearing their green clothes; they set them apart from the other mothers in their green Saris and Salwar Kamiz. It’s attracted me a lot! I asked one of them, why they are different from us. Didi replied we are specially empowered to help others!
Since then I have had a small dream to be a Leader and to wear the green dress. I love wearing my green clothes, they help me to be determined.
I have suffered a lot in my life and being in a position where I am respected and able to help others who are only beginning their journey has helped me feel that one day I will be able to stand on my own feet.”

Every one of our mothers is empowered by this role in their own way, but all of them use their role to support and encourage others in the Village. They are proof of the considerable perseverance that all of our mothers have inside of them.

If you want to help empower more women like Shirina, Hasila and Munia you can make a donation, buy one of the products handmade by our mothers or buy a gift that gives

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