The Path of Positivity

Life is like a roller-coaster. It has its ups and downs.

Every body goes through that phase in their life of negativity and depression. I am no exception, and in times like that, I chant to myself “Be Positive”.

But what does that mean? It’s one thing to repeat two words to yourself, but a whole other thing to have an impactful meaning, strong enough to set you on the Path of Positivity.

While I am no expert, I did want to share some tips that have taken me through that gloomy cloud and out into a happy sunny atmosphere. It’s certainly not an easy thing, but you owe it to yourself live a Happy life!

So here goes:

  • Plus for every Minus — Every single situation no matter how disheartening or depressing, always has a positive side to it. Searching for that spark of of positivity will weather you through many a storm.
  • Distraction — nothing worsens your mood then continually brooding over the issue, no matter what it may be. Distract yourself by doing one of your favorite activities. It could be watching a funny movie, cooking your favorite snack, or perhaps writing a blog!
  • Talk to someone — This helps you share your burden with someone else, get another viewpoint on the matter, and hopefully get some optimistic feedback in return because sometimes two heads ARE better than one!
  • Laugh — this has gotten me through many tough times. Be it watching your favorite TV show, reading up some Jokes, or checking out the latest Blooper Reels, nothing enlightens your mood better than a hearty chuckle and a beaming smile on your face
  • Listen to music — I not only listen to music but sing along as well. Music is transcendent across all languages and it has uplifted me from many a gloomy chasm and cheered me up tremendously
  • Get out — Go for a walk or drive. Doing this automatically forces you to shift your concentration to a different environment and usually does a wonderful job of cleaning up those dark cobwebs in your mind.
  • See your loved ones — if a physical visit is not possible, try to look up pics and videos from your phone. This always acts like a warm pillow of comfort to know that there are people who you care about and who also care about you!
  • Be grateful — it doesn’t matter how bad you may think you have it; but somebody always has it worse. It’s sad but true. So say a prayer of thanks for the things you DO have in your life and not focus on what you DON’T have.

No matter what challenges we may face, a positive attitude is the best asset a person can have to tackling any situation. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised!