Nothing Found, Nothing Achieved…

Srini Gundelli
Apr 11, 2017 · 2 min read

The notion of not finding what you are looking for boggles me sometimes; here’s why: Since the evolution of humans into super humans with incredible brain power (mostly 21th century), we have revolutionised our lives to this digital age of today.

Everything now is “almost” connected to Internet or Bluetooth… to simply put as, our Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid as superhumans has changed to WiFi, Self-Actuation, Esteem and the rest comes after… as we need access to everything, everyone, everywhere we go now.

We are now leaving almost 90% of our lives with a digital footprint. This information age has overloaded our decision making power to decline everyones attention span to merely few seconds.

Despite when it comes to the recruiting world, my journey sometimes lead to situations where I did not find what I was looking for, in some instance “The purple squirrel” or “The purple cow” or “The purple…. whatever” candidate, the hiring manager was asking me to look out for. Along this journey I realised that even though I did not find what I was asked to from the manager, I have captured a lot of data by understanding the time spent on each platform that was made available to me at the time and day of executing that search mandate.

Would I’ve done something different? of course, yes. But, the business does not have time for us to try something different and see or experience it whether that solution works or not (given the time limit)…
Let me elaborate here:
Say for example, you use LinkedIn on a daily basis (as your only online platform) to search and interact with industry professionals, in eventuality it will become your primary source of data capture and ROI of your existence (whether it’s decided by the team leader, department manager or leadership executive). So, to try something new and bring results in very short space of time as an executor you may not have any real evidence of ROI for the short term to conclude with either results. This may sometimes be different, depending on certain variables.

So, my question of the day is: How long does it take for your senior leader to approve and “rubber stamp” a tool or process that could’ve brought different results for the business?

As always I’m blessed to have your attention and would love to hear your comments.