Firefox Quantum Sprint — Oct 8th, 2017

Hello All!

The Firefox Quantum Sprint took place on 8th October 2017 at Prozone Mall, Coimbatore.

Firefox Quantum

On the evening of 8th October2017, Mozillians from Coimbatore gathered at Prozone Mall, Coimbatore, to test the Web compatibility of Firefox Quantum Beta 57. Me along with my friends Aravind Arul, Vignesh Kumar, Akksaya Rajasri participated in the sprint and represented KGISL Mozilla Campus Club.

Mozillians form KGISL

What is Firefox Quantum?

Firefox Quantum is a new browser by Mozilla. Now the beta version(57) has been released to Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Firefox Quantum is 2X faster than Firefox 52 beta.


  • New Browser engine built with RUST language
  • Separate CSS engine called Stylo
  • 2X speed
  • 30% less RAM
  • Improved UI

What we did?

We the Mozillians from Coimbatore, gathered at Prozone and tested the compatibility of Quantum Browser. We were 17 people and we tested nearly 52 websites, in which 50 were Tamil websites. The types of websites tested were Educational (Anna university), Songs & movies, Organizations, health science (Tamilhealth science), News and blogs (eluthu, techtamil), Shopping (chennai silks), Magazines (Vikadan). We reported 19 bugs to webcompat.

During the session

Contributions from KGISL

4 Awesome contributors from KGiSL Mozilla Club participated in it and reported 3 bugs.

Here is our results — Etherpad.

KGISL Mozillians — (From left) Akksaya, Aravind, Vignesh, Sriram, Purusothaman

My Role

I reported 2 bugs to Mozilla Webcompat. Both the bugs were, the Tamil Fonts not rendered properly.

Also helped Mr.Karl, in fixing the bug.

The #MozCbe team

We ended the session by 5:30 PM. Vigneshwer bro sponsored evening snack and provided us with awesome Mozilla Swags.

It is always happy for me to contribute Mozilla. Happy to test the webcompat of a browser, that is going to be used by millions of people :)