How to Embed Medium blogs in websites?

Hello World!

I tried to create a website for myself. It is a simple web page built using HTML, CSS and some frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize, Font Awesome, etc.

When I tried to embed my medium blogs using <iframe> tags, it showed a blank space. The code that I wrote was

<iframe src=“”>
 <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
<iframe> — code

But, instead of my blogs, I saw some irrelevant maps and blank spaces.

Blog area with some irrelevant content

When I searched the internet for this issue, I came to know that some sites can’t be embedded. So I found an alternate for embedding the sites that are not embedable by iframe tag.

I used an api called Embedly, where we can make the site embedable.

All we need to do this is, go to and paste the link of the site to be embedded in the box provided.

Click on the EMBED button. You could see the preview of the site to be embedded and embed code for it.

Click the CLICK TO COPY EMBED CODE. Now the embed code is copied to your clipboard. Now switch to the editor, where you design the site and paste the code in the appropriate place.

Set of codes copied from the api

Comment or remove the iframe codes and save. Launch your webpage. Now you could see the website is embedded in your website.

Embedded website

Looking forward for your valuable feedbacks and suggestions.

Thank you!!