Tamil in Python

Hello World!

Playing with python has become my hobby nowadays. Being a Tamil enthusiast, I tried to print some Tamil text in python.

Thirukkural is a Tamil Literature that consists of 1330 couplets, that deals with everyday virtues of an individual. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar, who lived in 300 BCE, at Thiruvallikeni (Currently in Chennai,India). He published his work, The Thirukkural at Madurai Tamil Sangam. The Thirukkural has been translated to nearly 40 languages.

தோன்றின் புகழொடு தோன்றுக அஃதிலார்
தோன்றலின் தோன்றாமை நன்று.
-திருவள்ளுவர் (குறள் — 0236)

The meaning is,

If you are born (in this world), be born with qualities conductive to fame From those who are destitute of them it will be better not to be born

I tried to print the above Thirukkural using the unicodes, in python. Firstly, I searched for Tamil Character Unicodes. After finding it I tried to print those unicodes in python. After a few struggles I could print some Tamil characters in the output terminal.

At last I printed the Thirukkural — 0236 in Python using the unicodes.

Link for Program : https://repl.it/Mw8i/43

Key Learnings from this program:

  • Printing Unicodes in Python.
  • Storing unicodes in variables in Python
  • Spacings and indendations in Output console.

Looking forward for your valuable feedbacks and suggestions.

Thank you!!