My favorite childhood objects

The first weekly activity of the Learning Creative Learning course was to write about our childhood objects. This gave me an opportunity to look back, think of my favorite ones and reflect upon them.

Roll-up Board

Born and raised in a middle-class family, one of the cheapest and affordable stationery items of those days were a box of chalk pieces and roll up blackboard (cost — almost one-fourth of a dollar). These were one of my favorite artifacts of those times. I often used to replicate the role of my school teacher by setting up a fake classroom which usually consisted of some worksheets lying around, textbooks, a beating stick and some non-existent kids.

But one of my favorite objects was a roll-up board, and one of its nicest features was its rollability, allowing me to hang it anywhere in the house.

By imitating the role of a teacher, solving mathematical problems on the board and speaking them aloud while performing them, I used to feel that someone around is listening to me and I am learning in this process of sharing with others.

It might sound funny, but I continued to learn in the same fashion till I finished high school. Moreover, this self-learning approach refrained me from joining after-school tuition centers all through my school years.


When I was in 2nd grade, my parents sensed that I have a soft voice and an interest in learning music too.

Thus, they gifted me a harmonium for my eighth birthday. This has been my best birthday gift ever.

Initially, I used to exercise playing musical notations and Indian Ragas which are associated with different times of the day or with seasons. Later, I started to practice melodic improvisations. I learned Indian Classical Music for almost 6 years. Constantly experimenting with balancing the harmonium keys, coming up with inventive ways to play and replicate Bollywood tunes, made me better at playing.

I was in love with the sound of the vibes back then. At some point, we also had a mini music room set up in our home with all the instruments including harmonium, tabla, casio, dholak etc.

I think that these early lessons in helped me to develop affection for things that I care about today. For every group singing competition in high school, I was the instrument guy.


I used bicycle mainly to race with the little boys from my neighborhood, to give my younger sister a free ride and for short commutes to nearby shops to buy grocery items for my mother.

Pictures in this post are scanned copies of old photos, emailed by mom on urgent request.

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