Let us stop complaining

“I’m busy”, “ There is nothing good happening”, “There is no fun”, “Lost contact with friends”, “I donot know how my child behaves”, “My work takes all my time and I cant keep my wife happy” — These are some of the many complaints I keep hearing time and again from various people.

Complaining is one of the biggest life spoilers and we have let it so much into our lives. No situation is ever worth complaining. We can always deal with anything that happens to us. All we need is the attitude to deal with it. When there is a difficult situation, why should we believe it’s easy to complain than to face it? The way we look at it has to change. When something is not in the way we want it to be and if we can do something about it, we should do. If there is nothing we can do about it, we should ignore. Complaining is the useless in-between phase.

When we feel there is nothing good happening, it only means we are not ready to see the good things. When we feel there is no fun, we can always make a choice to wake up and take efforts to have fun. When we don’t even have one true friend, it means there is something fundamentally wrong in our life style and we should immediately patch up; after all life is about being there for each other. When we feel we donot know about our own child’s behaviour, a quick restructuring of our day, adding more time for the family is all it takes; never compromise on that. When we feel our relationship sucks, we can always sit back, analyse what is overtaking love, spoiling the relationship and throw it out; be it arguments, possessiveness or misunderstanding. Nothing should be let to overtake the sweetness of love. When our work takes all the day and we can’t keep our beloved ones happy (a common situation in many households), there is no point in being in that work. We can not quit the job. But we can choose a job with lesser work load. True happiness is not just in making money. What is the worth of the money when it can’t put a smile on our beloved ones face? Family needs time more than money.

There is always a work around to every situation. This world is a beautiful place. It has a lot of good things, good people. It changes everyday and surprises every second. This world needs more people who loves being here and are ready to spread happiness. Be happy. Stop complaining. Be the change and spread positivity.

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