Making a hard choice

There comes a day in everyone's life when one has to make a hard choice. What is a hard choice? "Hard choice" is a state where in there are two options/solutions to a situation and neither of them is better than the other. Usually when we have to make a choice, we choose what we think is better. But while making a hard choice, even if we think for days, we can never choose something over the other because none of them is better than the other. We feel so bad and get annoyed of why this happens to us.

What to do when we are in such a situation? On understanding life deeper, we can realise hard choice is the phase we can best utilise to mould our life. When no option is better than the other, we have to think deeply of how our life should be framed. Then pick that option; create our own supportive reasons for the option we choose and follow it. It’s the time of our life to create our own world of our choice assisted with the reasons we create. It does magic! The solution is pretty simple! Stop over thinking in such situations and begin to write a beautiful life! :-)