Take a moment!

Few days ago I was dining at a small road side restaurant. While I was there a family arrived; a 5 year old girl and her parents. She was naughty and was in her own world blowing bubbles. Soon her bubbles were all over the street; so was the sound of her laughter. Her parents warned her to not blow bubbles since people were eating. The girl thought for a while and asked whether she could go a little away and blow bubbles so that no one felt disturbed. Conversation kept going and finally her parents had to agree to what she said. She definitely is a born winner :) Later started the war for food! She didn’t want to eat dosa/eat anything at all. She was only focussed on her bubbles occasionally munching food that was fed to her :) -- a very adorable kid!

I was done eating and moved to the next shop to have some juice. An old man who was thinner than the 5 year old came around asking for food. I offered him some money. He accepted it, thanked me and walked away. After a moment a thought of buying him some food hit me. I walked out of the juice shop to buy him a dosa and saw a beautiful scene! While it took me a minute to get the thought of buying him some food, the small kid on seeing the old man instantly grabbed the plate from her mother and gave it away to him. The way she held the plate and gave it to him with a warm smile was just not a scene to be missed! He accepted it and ate it sitting in a corner. Her parents smiled with pride and started feeding her from their plates! (No over pampering!)

The small girl could have ignored the old man. She could have let her parents deal him. She could have pretended she doesn’t understand hunger. She could have convinced herself that it was not her problem. She could have thought someone else might help the old man. She could have thought that she has very less food for herself that she can not share it. She could have chosen to be “busy” enough blowing bubbles and not take a moment and what not!?!. Are these not what we adults most times tend to do?

Kids are different. The small girl who was fully occupied with blowing bubbles until then took a moment to raise her head, see the old man, understand his hunger and help him. Wouldn’t world be a much better place if we all choose to be the small girl? If we choose to take a moment to look at what other people undergo? If we choose to help them in some way? Yes. World will be a lot more beautiful and life will be a lot more meaningful.