Re-opening & Brief Graduate School PSA

Almost a year since my last post — how time flies! While I haven’t been posting, I certainly have still been writing. Quite a bit, actually. After finishing my first year in the MLIS program, I’ve transitioned into the accelerated MLIS/PhD program have started my doctoral coursework. We’re a little less than two months in and as far as I’m concerned the program is already off to a very solid start. My cohort (cohort 7) is full of talented and interesting people. The classes have been well structured and engaging. I can already tell that graduate work is going to be a very different experience this time around.

It has become abundantly clear to me that I need a public outlet for talking about my thoughts and experiences in the program. I’m not the most social individual for a number of reasons — much to my detriment. Blogging to a readership lets me feel like I’m at least providing one side of a conversation, with the possibility of personal and field-level engagement. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be restarting content by posting one to two somewhat autobiographical, highly personal posts. In the more immediate future, expect a lengthy post on a recent visit from R. David Lankes. Dr. Lankes is the Follett Chair at Dominican for this academic year and a long-established figure in the library world. His visit was highly productive.

In any case, I’ll end with a brief PSA. Graduate school can be an extremely rewarding, affirmative, productive, and innervating experience. It also brings out people’s worst habits and avoidance strategies. I know from prior personal experience: It can cause extreme bouts of depression and panic attacks in even the most seasoned students. Take preventative measures in any way that you can. Please.

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