Stabilitas Acquires Data Startup SigActs

Stabilitas is excited to announce the acquisition of Colorado-based SigActs, which has been mapping open source news reports since 2010. The company developed a sophisticated workflow for collecting, normalizing, and contextualizing disparate information. The acquisition couples the robust SigActs data capability with the Stabilitas ecosystem for keeping organizations and their travelers safe, connected, and informed. Stabilitas and SigActs have been working closely together for more than a year, and there could not be a better team fit.

Sean Maday — SigActs’s founder — is joining the Stabilitas Team as the Chief of Data, focused on bringing leading-edge location specific safety information to Stabilitas customers. Getting Sean on the Team demonstrates Stabilitas’s desire to build a world-class security ecosystem: the best products, powered by the best data, resulting in the best user experience for risk managers and first-responders.

We’re building the tools to keep humanity safe on Spaceship Earth! Safe travels!

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Currently Reading - Duty of Care Major Theme at GBTA 2016 — Right in our Wheelhouse

Duty of Care Major Theme at GBTA 2016 — Right in our Wheelhouse

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is the world’s premier business travel and meetings organization. Collectively, GBTA’s 7,000-plus members manage over $340 billion of global business travel and meetings expenditures annually.

Featured speakers included United CEO Oscar Munoz. Munoz offered a candid assessment of his airline, air travel in general, and what his company is doing to improve and innovate air travel for business passengers. “The airline industry has made travel hell for business travelers. We need to do better to improve the air travel experience. My goal is to show you can run a business with heart that also makes money for its investors,” Munoz told the audience.

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger also took the stage for a one-on-one interview with GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick. Often maligned as an agency struggling with operational discipline and low employee morale, Administrator Neffenger sees these challenges as opportunities to overhaul how TSA is viewed by the traveling public and how TSA agents view themselves and their mission. “I came in on the heels of a report that said that the TSA wasn’t performing great,” Neffenger said. “This last year we focused on three areas of improvement. We needed to get better, we needed to be better with our resources and we needed to change the system, which had been the same for a long, long time.”

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2016 Global Business Travellers Association Convention

Presentation: Lessons Learned from Paris to Brussels: New Possibilities for Situational Awareness and Implications for the Rio Olympics

11am MST — Denver, Colorado

The session will begin by looking at recent security incidents, drawing out lessons learned, and then apply those lessons to upcoming major events. We will address: What have the security incidents of the last 18 months taught us? What can we learn as we look forward to major events, like the Rio Olympics? How best can companies fulfill their duty of care roles at major events in historically risky environments? Multiple industries have seen the rise of data democratization, whereby valuable information is aggregated and delivered horizontally — across networks — rather than top-down. (Yelp, Waze, and Wikipedia are examples).

This presentation covers the specific application of data democratization to security. The presentation will cover various technologies, frameworks and considerations for this new wave of data sharing — including data innovations with data visualization, validation, information flows, and privacy.

Our presenters will include a brief experiential learning exercise to demonstrate information flows and validation, within and across organizations.

Attend this session if you are a Fortune 2000 company looking to attend major events. Attend this session if you are a small to medium business interested in innovations at the intersection of Duty of Care and technology. Attend this session if you’re looking for a balanced perspective on privacy, physical security intelligence, employee tracking, and mobile applications.

Next Story — Stabilitas Releases Version 2.0 of Android and iOS Apps
Currently Reading - Stabilitas Releases Version 2.0 of Android and iOS Apps

Stabilitas Releases Version 2.0 of Android and iOS Apps

  • New design for the home screen
  • Added 2 more report types
  • Added instrumentation logging
  • Various fixes

iOS Link || Android Link

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Currently Reading - Why Stabilitas

Why Stabilitas

I have been very fortunate to work with many high functioning teams throughout my career. As an Air Force officer my coworkers and I revolutionized the way Air Mobility Command was tracking aircraft and visualizing emerging risks.

Later, while working at Google I had the pleasure of collaborating with brilliant technologists who were pushing the bounds of innovation and palpating interesting data.

When a group of people is operating well together and driving tirelessly toward a common goal, there is nothing like the thrill and intensity of chasing a demanding objective. I saw this passion in the Stabilitas team and jumped at the chance to join their startup journey.

The Stabilitas founders were galvanized by military service and an ardor for keeping people safe. I am passionate about putting “crap on a map,” and I am bringing that geospatial zeal to my new role with Stabilitas. Together we will collect, scrutinize and map the information that travelers and mobile employees need to stay safe and informed.

I am excited to begin digging in and leverage technology to collate disparate news reporting, social media activities and location-based data. The first objective is to use machine learning and natural language processing to understand where on Earth events are happening, and how those events can impact travelers.

I love audacious challenges, and the focused pursuit of Stabilitas is exactly the type of mission I am proud to support.

Author: Sean Maday

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