What does “happy” this word means to me?

Well, I would say it permeate through all my life, I was taught to be happy. I am a Chinese and I have a Chinese name with three words, which are Deng, Le, and Yi.

Deng is my family name, we put family name at the front because we think that family is one of the most important things in the word. Le and Yi is my name, and Le means happy and Yi means joy.

Le and Yi, their meaning looks similar but actually Le is a kind of happy which is more active, and Yi is a kind of happy which looks more gentle and quite. I was changed my name when I was still not able to speak, my grandfather gave me this name, he said that he wish I can be positive anytime and also I should try my best to influence the people around me to be happy.

In China, there is a common saying:

a name influence a person’s life.

And I think my name does influence me. I can find everything fun and always observe every little details in my life. My friend always say that I am a girl who is always satisfied with everything. But I didn’t notice that before they told me this “truth”, I don’t even know myself every well in this part.

Every coins has two sides, sometimes I feel sad too. When my best friend in Toronto went back to China for 5 months, I felt like my life was like fallen apart. I always need friends who really know me well to support my Happy. I cried for a week because she is my only best friend in Toronto and it is hard to find a friend like her. So I told my feelings to my another friend who lives in Hamilton which is pretty far from Toronto, he said he had never seen me like this and I was like not “me” anymore. So, to be happy, I really need friends around me to build my Happy up.

Happy really means a lot to me. It is a part of my name, it always reminds me of my grandpa, it is also a really big part of my personality.

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