My origin story as a designer & author on Obsessed With Design, Episode 14

A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on Josh Miles’ podcast, Obsessed With Design. He’s interviewed tour de forces like Debbie Millman, Armin Vit, and even a little-known creative like me. Truly, what an incredible honor!!!

If you’ve ever wondered what it took to create AstroWed or the stories lay behind each career stepping stone, this episode will be a treat.

We also dig into…
- How writing once a week for the summer created the content for not one, but three books
- Discoveries that bubbled to the top through experimentation and prototyping the book in its early days
- Why side projects are important for designers at large
- How neuroscience, Lean UX, and behavioral science inspired AstroWed and why these topics still continue to inspire me.

Shout outs to Jen Edds, Katie Eelman of Papercuts, Rachel Small, Dave McKean, Marian Bantjes, Marty Neumier, Alex Korb PhD, the Triple Froggers, Offbeat Bride, and Jeff Gothelf.