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It is not about how much stuff you have. Or how much money is in the bank. It is not about likes, retweets, or double-taps either. The only accurate measure of life is feeling.

Do you feel good? When you are around certain people, do you feel light? Are there particular activities that light you up? What makes you feel content? What makes you smile?

If you pay attention to what feels delicious, you can choose to do more of that. Be intentional about your joy. Take your pleasure seriously.

Discontentment will happen. You will be thrown for a loop…

Be ready, willing, and open to change

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You are not bound to the person you were yesterday. You are not required to do what you have always done. You can choose differently. You can choose something else.

Somewhere during the course of our lives, we adapt to a habit of sameness. We believe that in order for life to be fulfilling, we need to hold on to what we know, who we have been, and what we have.

The truth is… everything changes — all the time. Things stay the same for a period of time, but it will not last. Life is intended to be fluid…

Everything you need is right here

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You woke up with everything you need. There is no money to be made. No approval to be earned. You do not need more of anything…you already have it. It’s all here. This is true every moment of every day.

Whatever it is that you believe you need is never in the now. Your striving is coming from what you perceive is going to happen, not what is actually happening.

Happiness is absolutely sustainable. But to experience it, you have to be present.

Forget about what you should be doing… and focus your attention on what you are doing right…

You are never lost

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You are never lost. When the way appears to be shrouded in darkness, and there is not a sliver of light, you will always be guided.

It is effortless to trust what your eyes can see. And while there may be comfort in knowing, faith is developed in the dark.

There is nothing to fear. The mystery of the darkness lies in your inability to catch a glimpse of what will happen next. It is the anticipation that scares you. Trying to control the outcome is the cause of your distress.

Darkness requires surrender. Darkness demands patience. Darkness eliminates haste…

Indulge. Delight. Enjoy.

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Have you ever fallen into a sexual rut? The kind where you keep doing the same thing, time and time again. And it feels good, but the overall experience is — how can I say? Meh.

If you’re breathing and you’ve been fucking for any length of time, or you’ve been in a relationship with your boo for some years — you know what I’m talking about.

Now don’t get me wrong, being in a sexual rut doesn’t mean that pleasure isn’t happening. You could be having happy endings galore, but sometimes orgasms are merely a response to stimulation. …

Feeling good takes guts!

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Are you sure that you want to feel good? This may seem like a silly question, but the truth is feeling good takes guts!

Feeling good opens you up to the possibility of disappointment in a big way. Falling from the top may appear a lot more painful than tipping over at rock bottom.

Choosing to feel good gives new meaning to the phrase “it does not get much better than this.” Does it? Can it? And if it gets better, can you handle it?

Rolling with the punches is easy; you are used to that. Surrendering to goodness on…

First, you must commit to beginning.

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Beginnings start with an intention that turns into action. Beginnings are fueled by determination and sustained by effort. It is impossible to finish if you never begin. And most rewards are gifted at the finish line.

It is time to turn your talk into action. To attain your dreams, you must move.

Big leaps are great, but little leaps count too. There is no need to rush, steady wins the race, but you must commit to beginning.

You already have everything you need. The way will be made, but first, you must commit to done. Your pot of gold awaits…

You are the center of your Universe.

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Having a successful career is a beautiful thing. And it is very nice to have a wonderful place to live, a reliable car, and fancy things. But it is the people that you are surrounded by that shape you the most.

Who celebrates your victories?
Who do you lean on when grief comes to call?
Who creates a cocoon of warmth when you need it most?
Who makes your brightest days brighter?

Every person in your life is hand-selected by you. You have chosen those who love, honor and respect you. …

But remember, everything is impermanent.

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Sometimes it gets heavy. There is nothing wrong with sadness; it is perfectly natural. Life is not always easy; it is not supposed to be.

There are times when the weight feels more than you are willing to bear. Accept support. Lean on the people around you, allow them to help.

The entire world is a resource, and you have access to all of it. Ask questions. Seek advice. Take action.

Above all else… remember, everything is impermanent. The load will lighten. The sun will shine again. You will be better than fine.

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There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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What is the reason that you are not totally in love with your life? If this is truly your only shot, you should give it all you’ve got… right?

Are you waiting to have enough money? Totally understandable, since nobody has ever bought happiness, it makes sense that you want to be the first. Are you in pause mode waiting for the perfect partner, ideal life setting, or optimal planetary alignment? Those things happen all the time; just ask nobody you have ever met.

You can be in love with your life right now. If you are totally honest with…

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