The University of North Carolina’s IRB Approves an Unethical and Flawed Clinical Trial in Women…
Hooman Noorchashm

If we want to promote evidence based medicine, we need to support research to provide us that evidence. This clinical trial strives to improve safety of minimally invasive surgery, which has been proven to have significantly better outcomes with less morbidity than open techniques in all surgical specialties. Dr. Carey’s clinical trial is an important contribution to determine best practice. Retrospective and observational data are simply not sufficient. Also, to suggest that UNC’s IRB is somehow inferior to yourself in it’s ability to review ethical standards is self-righteous at best. No one is questioning how heartbreaking it is to lose a loved one to this extremely aggressive malignancy. LMS is unrelenting with poor outcomes even at the earliest stages. However, we should be promoting science, pushing research, and creating evidence based recommendations. This is how we improve women’s health.

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