Google Bookmarks Bar Instantly Makes Your Life Easier

I LOOOOVE Google! I love how easy it is to use. I love that it remembers everything I need it to remember. I love how it thinks like me in regards to extensions, apps, and Google Drive. Ooooh Google Drive I really do love you.

Do you want to see how Google can make you fall in love? Well, let me start by introducing you to Google Bookmarks to you. You don’t just save a favorite website. You can organize all of these websites. You can even create folders in your Bookmarks! You can add your favorites to the menu bar and they ALWAYS show up whenever you log in to THAT Google account. This works very well for if you are like me and quickly forget the exact website. No problem, I simply log in to my Google account, sync my Chrome account and just like magic, there is EVERYTHING I need. I don’t even need to be on my own laptop! ***Sigh**** (cue choir music)

I also love how I can organize by folder. I have all sorts of folders with all sorts of websites organized so beautifully in my Google Chrome account.

Want Google to make your life easier too? Simply go to and watch the short tutorial. You, too, can use Google as your personal assistant with just a few short steps!

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