Team Viewer

Connect iPad to PC from ANYWHERE

Want control of your laptop, but be mobile in the classroom without Apple TV and for FREE?? You need to download the software on your computer (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, etc) and then download the free app on your iPad. (They have it for Android as well, but I have not been able to test it out.)

Team Viewer gives you the option to create an account, but you don’t have to create an account to use connect your iPad to your computer. It does offer some great features with that log in though!

The best part about Team Viewer is it works over the internet, not through bluetooth. This means you can access any computer, anywhere. You simply need to be logged on to the computer to which you are connecting, Team Viewer software opened needs to be opened, and know Team Viewer password for that computer (access code provide upon log in).

Link to Directions:

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