There are so many tips, and tricks to help your team function better, manage their time, delegate, and be more productive using technology-driven solutions to make our lives easier.

But here’s the thing — all people really want is to belong and know they matter! And they are suffering right now. Whether they say it outright or not, everyone handles trauma and change differently, and there are as many solutions as there are people.

But the one thread that ties us all together — is we want to be seen, heard, and belong. As Brene Brown says, “We are neurobiologically…

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Have you ever had to reread a passage over and over because someone near you was speaking too loudly for you to concentrate? Or, perhaps you’ve tried (and failed) to write a paper in the presence of a chatty friend? If you’ve been in situations like this, you know that noise can greatly affect performance.

Productivity dips by up to 66 percent if you can hear someone talking while reading or writing, according to a TED blog post. This is especially evident in the workplace. …

Is your office sort of blah? Are your coworkers disengaged? Do you often find work and your workspace boring and drab?

Traditional wisdom states the following: “Work is not supposed to be fun. That’s why it’s called work.” A corollary of this principle states that if you see someone having fun at work, they’re slacking off. However, research shows that this dismal view of work is completely wrong.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a start-up with five people or running a multinational corporation, here are 7 creative, effective, and downright fun ways to help boost morale AND productivity.

Decorate your office!

This post was written by Alison Deutsch

How does it feel when you see a strong leader who projects open-mindedness, understanding, and confidence even under the most challenging of situations? Do you long to have that kind of grace under pressure, the ability to stay true to your values in the heat of the moment without saying or doing anything you might later regret?

With practice, it’s easier to achieve than you think — the key is to understand your body’s physiology and learn how to override its automatic responses to stress.

Our bodies are hardwired to experience bad emotions…

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This may seem like an oxymoron statement but it is possible to have some fun in even the most stressful environments. Although I can’t speak for having a job in the White House, FBI or the Secret Service, my guess is that even they may have a laugh or two once in a while — at least I hope so.

What I am inviting you to do is bring in a little more joy to the workplace and encourage your employees to join in, which will then lead to a more productive (gasp!) and well-balanced office setting.

I have been…

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I’ve been running a business from a home office for the past 4 years. While there are distractions looming around every corner (i.e. laundry, dishes, Facebook, the dog etc.), it is important to create a routine and tools for yourself so that you can be productive — or at the very least — feel productive at the end of the day. Here are a few of my tips and tricks.


Set yourself up with office hours and do your very best to stick with them. Once you get yourself into a rhythm where you are performing at your…

Do you have a feeling of dread the moment you walk into the office in the morning? Do you sometimes come home from work exhausted and utterly drained of energy?

If it’s not the work load or the actual job that’s bringing you down, it could be one of your co-workers, or what I like to call “The Emotional Vampire”. Let’s be honest: All of us at one time or another have complained about work issues to anyone who will listen, but what about that one co-worker who just can’t stop complaining about everything?

This type of co-worker — one…

In the month which is synonymous with “Love,” there are so many different ways we can be in love with another person, with ourselves, and with our friends and family. We can also be in love with our work and our hobbies too. When you are in love, the world seems happier, brighter and nothing really bothers you; but when you’re angry or you’re upset, the world can seem painful and very lonely.

I have found love and anger to be intertwined with one another. It’s a strange balance — much like ying and yang — where one can’t exist…

Employee recognition can go a long way for the individual and the company.

Did you know that a disengaged employee is four times more likely to say they received too little recognition at work? Everyone wants recognition for anything that they do at work — big or small — so every day is an opportunity to change their perception. Weekly recognition rituals can be a great way to recognize the hardwork your employees do everything, but also boost morale and foster a sense of community amongst the teams. Being consistent in this practice is also a great way to build trust and employee engagement. …

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1.Create to-do lists
Don’t keep it all in your head. At the beginning of each day, write on one sheet of paper what you need to get done and by when. Rank tasks according to importance or urgency. It will help you to structure your day and focus your mind. Setting your workload out in black and white will give you a realistic picture of which tasks you need to complete. Overestimating or underestimating workload can both have bad consequences.

2. Review your workload
Are there tasks that always get neglected? If you find you’re avoiding something regularly, could somebody…

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