How the color of logo design defines your brand

Colors have their unique science. Different colors are associated with different emotions. They leave deep impacts on customers’ personalities according to the different nature of businesses. Selecting the right scheme for a logo design results in phenomenal visual, which also becomes your brands’ identity. A professional web portal design company understands the power of color psychology that bring resonance to your logo design. Plus, the selected colors of logo design represent your brand as well. How? Scroll down.

Solid Colors:

Those brands which are always much conscious about their image, select color scheme for their logo carefully. All colors, even black or white imply on logo design. Where bright and bold appear brash, soft tones convey the sophisticated image of a brand. Learn the particular meanings of these colors considering logo design.

· Red has the implications for aggression, danger, energy, warmth, and passion. Plus, it helps in stimulating appetite for which it is used in the logo of many restaurants and food products. Make your logo feel more dynamic by picking red for it.

· When a company selects green, it represents their natural credentials. Particularly, it is ascribed to organic and vegetarian products because of their freshness. Popular financial products also use green color to make it look ethical.

· For the implication of professionalism, integrity, serious madness, sincerity, and calmness; blue is the color. It is associated with authority and success for why it is the most common color in corporate logos.

· While in one way black implies the sophistication, luxury, & authority. Another it signifies the element of death and villainy. Keeping it more mundane, most firms are using black and white version for bold monochromatic logos.

Soft Colors:

· Yellow has negative connotations so it is used cautiously. It signifies cowardice and is mostly used in warning signs. However, the meanings ascribed to it include confidence, forward thinking, logics, friendship; it is also believed to stimulate appetite.

· Pink is considered to the meanings of fun and flirty. Plus, its feminine association restricts it for the products targeted at women specifically.

These are just few examples, but there is no such rigid rule to follow while making choices for colors. The outcome of final product also depends on the interaction of color with shape and text.


When a company crafts a multi-color logo, it implies the diversification of its services, products, and activities. These are difficult to pull off but work effectively. The meanings assigned to such logo designs include bold, playful, boundless, multi-channel, and positive. For instance, Olympics rings are the best way to display the message of its medley and inclusivity.

While catering clients globally, you must have come across that different cultures interprets the colors in many ways. So you have to be very careful to select a right color for logo without hurting their emotional sentiments. Whether you design a monochrome, solid and soft color, or even multi-color logo; make sure it reinforces the design of logo.