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Getting your confidence back after a toxic relationship may seem impossible. But DATING after a toxic relationship? Kimmy Seltzer says that feeling sexy, lovable, and confident IS possible, and tells us how.

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Originally published at Stacy Brookman.

Resilience is learned, you’re not born with it. Since 2010 I’ve learned a few things about resilience….much of it the hard way.

This publication is all about spreading the word about resilience, sharing lessons from various writers with varied experience that might resonate with you.

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Listen, I haven’t sent out many (read: any) newsletters from Medium here because I didn’t want to contribute to the noise. However, I realized that many folks are missing some of the fabulous insights that these articles dig into. So I may do this periodically.

Here are a few significant articles we’ve published over the…

Resilience After Trauma

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If you’ve experienced trauma, there are a few things that you should know about yourself.

There is nothing wrong with who you are as a person.

The trauma that you experienced, whether it was man-made or it was a freak occurrence, is not a reflection of yourself as a human being.

No One Deserves Trauma

When we experience trauma, it can completely uproot our lives.

A bad occurrence can have us questioning who we are and the meaning of our lives.

Trauma can fall under a wide umbrella of definitions from physical to emotional. We can be caught up in a…

What if the train wreck was actually the intersection of a tremendous and positive life change?

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Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, at the lowest point of your life, and feeling the pain and sting of the treatments for years to come.

Imagine, though, that only five years later, you’d found a way to channel that feeling into discovering your purpose.

That’s exactly what one woman did.

The baggage of our past serves a purpose…

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Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

I love the anticipation of vacation while I’m packing my suitcase — it carries so much excitement and promise.

The baggage is good because it serves a purpose, to carry my belongings.

But I don’t want to carry the suitcases around each day on my trip. It’s an inconvenience that will just weigh me down.

Instead, I open the baggage, take out what I need, and leave the rest behind.

Our lives are similar.

The baggage of our past serves a purpose.

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You’re curious about the important journey involved in writing life stories. You may not know much about it at all…or maybe you’ve dabbled in genealogy research, or even taken a memoir class or two…but you’re not convinced that you should take part in it. “What’s the good of writing my life story?” you ask yourself.

Whether you’re a non-writer, a student of writing, or even a published writer, your life stories have something to say. Every story has the potential to change the person writing it…and the person reading it. Writing your life stories may be the most valuable activity…

I’ve had my share of seasons in life filled with pain. You likely have too.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When was the last time you laughed at least 100 times in a day? If you’re like me, it’s hit and miss. Having a good sense of humor is beneficial to multiple aspects of your life.

I’ve had my share of seasons in life filled with pain.

You likely have too.

You may even be going through that season now.

It looks different for each person: a death, loss of a job, children going astray, divorce, physical pain or any other trial devastating to your…

Begin while everyone has gathered around for the holidays this year…or even when they’re not.

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by Stacy Brookman

We’d all love to have a wonderful family history to pass down, but SOMEBODY’s got to get it started, right?

Let’s make it easy for you.

Here are twenty-one great ways to start capturing your family history….and you can begin while everyone has gathered around for the holidays this year…or even when they’re not.

Hey, get the kids involved too. This is an ideal way for them to participate in a project, become more familiar with their extended family, and learn about their heritage. In…

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After a While by Jorge Luis Borges is my favorite poem of all time. Veronica Shoffstall added a stanza and copyrighted it. You will gain new insight every time you read it. Soak in it’s wisdom and share in the comments what you’ve learned. Enjoy!


By Jorge Luis Borges

(revised and copyrighted by Veronica Shoffstall)

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“Now I am trusting myself. I trust my decisions. I stand by my decisions. I know what’s best now and I speak up now.” Melissa Pierce didn’t succumb when tragedy struck, she persevered through the pain and transformed into a stronger person because of it. She learned to accept herself as the person she had become. She moved on to write a book and share her experiences with others.

A Widow’s Tough Story Filled With Gold

  • Melissa’s story starts when Melisa and David were a couple struggling with fertility in 2005 and they decided they wanted to adopt two little boys. In 2011 Melissa woke up and…

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