It’s Your Journey: Live it & Love it

As I watched Bill give his Hillary speech last night, it occurred to me just how many “firsts” are happening this year. We have our first female presidential nominee and that’s pretty cool, no matter on which side of the political fence you choose to stand. It’s nothing short of mind-blowing that today’s kids will now grow up taking for granted that a black man or a woman can be President of this country.

Watching both conventions the past few nights has been eye-opening in the sense that we truly have so little control over who can catapult themselves to center stage — which in and of itself, is a bit mind-blowing. So much of it has been like a bad movie (not sure if it should be classified as a horror flick or a comedy) and it’s had me shaking my head more than once. With that said, I’ve also taken the approach that being here on the island of Maui is somewhat comforting since it feels much like different country — or actually, a different planet — than the rest of the United States.

As each day rolls on, with different unexpected encounters and adventures coming my way, the spontaneity and lightness with which people live here is a welcome and refreshing change. Years of being so tuned into what I thought I wanted and knew how to achieve, has evolved into a much healthier attitude of gratitude for the ability to live each day as an adventure and embrace the uncertainty of it all.

For example, when I was invited last week to attend a beachfront birthday party for someone I didn’t know by a guy I had just briefly chatted with on Tinder, it didn’t even occur to me to say no. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to meet new people, especially when the guy seemed cool and I felt safe knowing I would only be a few minutes from my own Maui home? It turned out to be quite a fun evening, and led to a few additional new memories and unforeseen adventures.

I also accepted an invite from new friends last week to go for Indian food by the ocean followed by an evening at the local church listening to sing-along ukelele music and Hula dancing. It was quite a funny scene for this Jewish girl from upstate NY, and the question that kept popping into mind was “Whose life is this and how did I get here?”. That same question has arisen time and time again the past two weeks as I find myself doing things I never anticipated in this lifetime (or atleast, not this year!).

Shopping in Costco (which I had a phobia of until this past weekend) forced me to confront my fear of crowds and huge spaces and gave me an opportunity to step back and enjoy the moment — which centered around feeling “local” as it’s obviously a hot spot on the island (and the absolute best place to buy nearly everything). I’ve been doing yoga nearly daily which is a sign I’m relaxing into the slower island pace, and also taking spontaneous visits to the beaches that dot the island as it’s just so easy to do so. A few minutes walking on the sand, barefoot, listening to the ocean, is the cheapest form of therapy on the planet.

Skinny-dipping with a new friend in the rain on a stormy Saturday; watching the sunset with another on the day after the storm; booking massages, household services, spin classes, lunches, and healing sessions with people I’ve literally just met through a local Facebook group; speaking in front of strangers at the local Rotary Club; and oh, scheduling time to get that tattoo I’ve long been manifesting are just a few of the “whose life is this moments” that have blown my own damn mind the past few weeks.

Being here in Maui has definitely brought out the best in me, as island life is a complete departure from the life I thought I was supposed to be leading. Embracing being completely single and unattached for the first time in decades has also been an eye-opening, enjoyable, insightful and educational experience. I am so open and ready for the next chapter, which I know will finally include my big true love, but I am in no rush for it. For now, I am enjoying the journey and all of the crazy and fun and unexpected turns along the way. I encourage you to do the same. Life is so much more fun when you do what you love, and love your journey.

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