Tips To Improve Your Memory

we have entered into a stage where not only only old ones but the young people have also started forgetting the name, place and things. There are various things responsible for loss of memory but smart gadgets are definitely one of them.

  • Think about what aspect of your memory you hope to advance. If you just want to recall somebody’s name or always forget to turn off the stove, don’t bother with mnemonic techniques. These teach you elaborate methods of memorising mind-bogglingly long lists that you will never use again. Use pen and paper!
  • If you’re not listening, you won’t remember it later. Your state of mind, level of alertness and, to a minor expert, you age affect your memory. Being stressed, tired, unhealthy and distracted means you concentrate less, as does chronic pain, depression and altered hormone levels.
  • To remember a piece of information, you need to “mark it” by thinking about it differently before you toss it into the filing cabinet of our mind. For example, to remember the number “08301974”, you might think of it as a story that starts at “08:30am in the year 1974”.
  • To remember somebody’s name, listen to what it is rather than getting distracted by the way he combs his hair over his bald patch. Ask him to say his name again, spell it of clarify its pronunciation. Refer to his name in conversation. The more times you hear or repeat his name, the more likely you are to remember. Get a visual link between the name and the face.
  • A good night’s rest will do wonders for your concentration span.
  • It is easier to recall information when you are in the same state you learnt the information in. If you find out a fact when you are drinking tea at home, you will remember better doing the same thing.
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