Why Rich Gets Richer And Poor Gets Poorer

99% of people across the globe are trying to find the answer to the question “How to become rich”. For this they are wasting money on astronomers, palmist signing up for courses, booking seats in the seminar where the speaker speaks on how to become rich but definitely the speaker is making moolah of money.

Please read this short story to draw the conclusion by yourself:

There were two friends Ashok and John. Ashok and John both having the same qualification.

Ashok decides to go for his own venture and John decides to work in an MNC with a decent package.

Ashok with continues struggle slowly and gradually started building his empire. Because of hard work and struggle he developed a saving mindstate who invest money in assets rather than spending on liabilities.

While John with decent package after studies developed a mindstate of spending because of MNC culture of showing off branded stuffs. So his invest in liabilities were much higher than than of Ashok.

Assets: Investment in Fixed deposit, Finance Instrument, investing in a venture which generates more money and continues to grow day by day.

Liabilities: Expenditure on buying costly mobile, branded clothes etc.

Here comes the end of the story Ashok developed a stable venture generating the income and became one of the billionaire of India. While John because of his over expenditure habit after retirement he left with small amount of money and leaves his rest of the life struggling to manage his expense as his saving depleted day by day.

So what is the conclusion of the story just go and check your bank balance for the conclusion.

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