Kaskade played a surprise sunrise set at

EDC Las Vegas 2017!

It was the last night of EDC… and with so much happening from a Drake appearance to DJ Khaled missing his entire set and attempting to hijack Yellow Claws set time… there was another ecstatic event that occurred at the event of all night events.

Night 3 EDC Las Vegas, Insomniac Events flagship all night rave in the desert, a magical moment for the Kalliope art car crew and guests alike!

As the sun began to shine through Monday morning and the last night of the 3 night festival came to a close, Kaskade made a special appearance on the art car. Rumors through the night came to a halt as friends texted and snapped friends to meet them for the sunrise set… “I’m at the VW art car” “Meet me at Kalliope, Kaskade is on right now!!!”

As fans rushed to the set to make it in time Kaskade played a sunrise set that will be remembered for all time. Did you make it… we hope you did, it was definitely the highlight for us as EDC came to a close to the serenaded sounds, that only Kaskade could deliver.