Dec 13, 2018 · 5 min read
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The Complete Eco-system for PoS Coins

StakeShare (SSX) is a blockchain technology aiming to simplify the use of Proof-Of-Stake (POS) to make it understandable and available to all users. Combining an open staking service with a wide array of cryptographic project and with a new POS system for the Stake Share coin itself, the project ensures a sure profitability for everybody. It gives back a clear identity to the POS, which is interesting and assimilable to all.

1: Concerning StakeShare :

StakeShare (SSX) is a P2P cryptocurrency which is completely decentralized and is easy to use with a fast, safe and anonymous network. The masternodes are supported in the entire world; they have a consensus based on the Proofs-Of-Stake (POS). Since it has been decentralized, no organization or central body is controlling SSX Coin.

StakeShare differs from the other cryptocurrencies because of two innovative services which aim to enhance the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) quality.

First service -​Staking.Live: An intuitive and easy to use online POS pool platform allowing the users to take advantage of a safe and more profitable staking. This provides the investor with a simple experience with clear and concrete data.

Second service -​StakeShare System​​: It’s an algorithm enabling a better POS profitability and guarantee that a minimum amount of coins will be earned according to the staking amount.

While using this service, the users can know and enhance their investment return and will even get a bonus depending on the stake duration.

The number of blocks for each session of Proof-Of-Stake is limited and is supported by the network of masternodes. Therefore, StakeShare System provides each user with a better POS experience with clear data and enhanced profits.


Since the Proof-Of-Stake creation, a lot of techniques have been developed in order to fully optimise the POS to its maximum.

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From the blockchains based on Bitcoin.core, Peercore has developed a first consensus of the POS called “Minting”. Afterwards, the so-called forging, a variation created by NXT, has been introduced and it enables for the first time to connect to another node while lending its own balance. To enable this, the architecture of the NXT blockchain has been fully redesigned and is based on its own core, the NXT.core.

Based on the Peercoin and NXT POS solutions, Bitshares has later developed another variation of this implication called representative POS which enables an offline implantation through some representatives democratically elected.

Once you understand all those things, you can finally understand why the StakeShare system discloses a new of Proof-Of-Stake.

StakeShare System Detail :​​StakeShare System is an algorithm allowing a better POS profitability and with a guarantee that a minimum amount of coins will be earned according to the staking amount.

This system allows our users to have a better knowledge of the ROI while staking on our network. It also provides a better profitability while ensuring the stakeholders they will earn some coins.

3: Community Features :

The StakeShare community uses all its abilities in order to provide all its users some benefits and features such as:

Transparency — SSX uses its decentralized blockchain to provide a complete transparency concerning the transaction.

Staking alliance — The community solidarity implemented on the Staking.Live platform brings higher profit for everybody enabling them to get a high profitability on quality projects.

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StakeShare System — The new concept implemented by StakeShare gives the opportunity to support the evolutionary development of the platform while making calculated, stable

sure profit. The community will be able to take advantage of this profit all along of the project. Safety and confidentiality — ​​StakeShare, with its encryption technology, has a protection of the information in the blockchain itself and also a security and confidentiality protocol.

No restriction — The various services made available to the users hold no bond and are open to anybody who wants to take part in the StakeShare experience, in both the long and short term.

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Stability — The stability of StakeShare is predictable thanks to the service it offers. A regular use of the various services ensures a significant reduction of the price volatility.

Promptness — Thanks to the Proof-Of-Stake consensus and thanks to the masternodes, StakeShare enables a high speed while keeping a high volume of transactions.

Amortized risk — Due to the various unstable projects and scams happening in the cryptographic market in the last few years, StakeShare, with the support of its community choices, will be able to agree on the incorporation of new coins in its staking system. Thanks to ​KYD Coin partner​​, ​StakeShare will control and remove limited and irrelevant projects in order for its community to have the best options​. Also, this selection will allow better investments while reducing the volatility often induced by unstable cryptocurrencies.

Access to new projects — Besides a well elected list of cryptocurrencies, the community will be able to select some emerging and promising projects which will bring a real added value in terms of innovation and renewal. This diversification will allow to emphasize even more the stake and the choice for the users.

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The StakeShare project provides a genuine solution to the restrictions of staking that all the people working in the cryptographic world have to face. The Proof-Of-Stake provides a smart way to secure the data and to take part in the development of a project. It’s also a lucrative savings and it would be a pity for someone to miss it.

By getting rid of all the disadvantages, restrictions and misunderstandings related to this method, StakeShare allows an easy access and use for everybody. It also enhances the community dimension of staking. Therefore the new POS 5.0 is more attractive and profitable while bringing a real additional value in this growing ecosystem.

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Pool POS:


WhitePapers — Project Explaination :




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