How to start staking on StakeSwap in less than 5 minutes

If you were confused when making an account on StakeSwap, this one is for you.

What is StakeSwap?

StakeSwap allows you to earn monthly rewards by your favourite crypto companies by simply holding your current funds in your cryptocurrency wallet with the operations of the blockchain network.

Get started — Create an account

By going to the signup page, you’ll have to place either your ETH or XLM address, username, email, and password. (Confirm with email)

If you don’t know how to create a wallet, You’ll have to download Metamask as a Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave extension.

If you know how to create one, we wrote an article on how to create an ETH wallet in 2 minutes or less”. *

Click here if you want to create an XLM address.

Make a deposit

With a minimum of 1 coin deposit, you can start staking, but make sure the amount you deposited matches with the tier you want in return. The more tokens you buy, the more profit you’ll receive.

Example of Bitzon’s tier:

After creating an account, go to the assets page, and click which token you wish to stake.

Once chosen, click the “BUY (X coin)” button on the right, and it will direct you to the exchange that the company is available for you to buy their tokens.

Start staking

When you placed either your ETH or XLM address, it will link to your wallet where the payouts will automatically come through on a monthly base.


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