Seven growth hacks to increase your coin value continuously

Growing your project is a long and challenging process. The more people in your community, the faster your community will grow.

But, you can’t grow if you’re not using the right tools and strategies to reach your growth potential.

In this article, we will go tough seven of the best tools and tactics to increase users, getting loyal users to grow your coin value.

Staking your coins — Increase & maintain loyal users

It’s hard to get buyers, especially at the beginning of your journey after getting listing on an exchange.

Even by getting buyers, 90% to 95% of buyers are day traders, so they end up buying your tokens and sell after a few hours to never see them again.

But what is one thing all people in the cryptocurrency community love to have?


By staking your currency, it will allow your project to reward your loyal users by providing them with a monthly reward by simply holding the funds they bought in their wallet.


This will increase new users by giving them the motivation to stay and support your project for the longterm.

On Stakeswap, we offer our projects the ability to provide monthly payouts to the investors that are staking their coins.

The more coins they have, the more rewards they will receive based on the level of the tier they have.

Take the Bitzon tier, for example:

When you start staking a company on Stakeswap, it all depends on which “tier” you have. You get X amount of rewards per month on an X percentage for an annual return based on the tier.

Click here so you can start earning rewards today by simply staking your current holding here.

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