Six ways to promote your staking program at it’s fullest potential

Have trouble maintaining loyal users in your project? This article is for you.

There are a lot of ways to promote your project, but which ones are the most effective that will get you new investors, and maintaining them for the longterm.

Let’s dive right in.


If most of your investors our in your group, this is a no-brainer. You want to let them know what’s going on with your staking program, and why would they start using it.

For you to save time, you can enable a bot for you to tell your new visitors and current investors to know about your staking platform.

Take a look at the Flit community, for example:

Website — Menu bar

You don’t see this a lot, and that’s why you can take advantage of it. Most sites provide a basic menu of a home, about /services and contact page on the menu bar.

Take a look at TUNE TOKEN menu bar, for example:

If you want people to stay on your website and take action, you got to give them a reason to do so in an attractive way, and staking is a great way to do so.


An airdrop announcement provides a big spark of interest to people who didn’t hear about your coin, and it’s the perfect spot to let people know about it.

This creates a conversation between coin holders and potential investors, as both parties are curious about the new currency.

Here are a few great airdrop channels:

Social media

There’s no question of whether or not you should be using social media.

With billions of active daily users, this is where you make all the preceding sections work at it’s fullest potential by telling your audience about your staking program.

Referral program

In a crypto community, your current investors are your power, and referral program is the tool they need to help your project.

A referral program (also known as a bounty) leverages existing group members to spread the word out for your project. (Word of mouth marketing)

This works great because people are 4x times more willing to buy if a friend referred them. So, if you focus on making your users do the marketing for you, your project will grow and increase trust 10x faster.

Additional coins are a powerful motivator for community members. When new members arrive from their referral link, the new investor gets their reward.


Partnering with an influencer gives you access to an engaged and loyal audience of thousands. If an influencer mentions your talks about how great your project is, their followers will most likely try it out.

YouTube influencers are most effective because the platform functions as a learning hub. According to Google, 86% of people use Youtube to learn something new. (Source by

Good news, you can start a staking program now!

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