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StakeSwap listed CoinSto: Signup = Get 10,000 CSO + Referral bonus (ENDS AUGUST 4TH)

Jul 4 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce CoinSto is a new listing on the StakeSwap platform.

By simply signing up, you will be able to receive 10,000 CSO and 5,000 for every friend you refer.


  1. Join

3. Follow @Asteroid1Ex & @stakeswap on Twitter

4. Sign up at

What is CoinSto? (CSO)

Coinsto is a Cryptocurrency project helping people to learn by others’ experiences.

Coinsto is focusing on giving value to the people by the people, and the platform will only act as a slate to help individuals and organizations learn from anyone who volunteers to share his or her experience in any field they operate.


Coinsto utility token CSO is created to pay those who have the desire to share their ideas, experience, to shape the world.

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Simply record a short video clip(good quality) or put it in writing, send it to Coinsto admins for review, if your content meets the platform standards it will be uploaded to Coinsto official website. The sender gets CSO credited to his or her wallet instant.

Start staking CSO

Our mission is to help you get rewarded with your favourite cryptocurrency projects. Click the button below, and get paid by CSO for holding, and staking their coins.

→ Start staking CSO HERE

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