Oak Forest — The public beta release coming soon

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

It’s been a few months now since the StakeTree MVP was introduced. And wow… I’ve been totally humbled by the great response its received. Never mind the 22 funders currently staking funds to the project. This is huge.

I took some time towards the end of 2017 to consider what the next steps would look like for StakeTree. Although there’s lots to potential for a platform like it, and I could continue heads down for a while just building it by myself, I’ve always wanted to make this a project built & owned by a community. A true decentralized open source product. Since the future of StakeTree will be more than just me, after the validation it’s received, it’s the right time now to lay a good foundation: to build it so that it can be bring in more contributors & exist beyond what I can imagine.

With that said, I’m happy to announce that I’ve just wrapped up planning a new architecture which will coincide with the public beta release named Oak Forest.

First draft of the planned StakeTree architecture for the Oak Forest release. Read more here if you’re interested in the architecture. Feedback welcomed too!

This architecture will be decentralized & completely open. With as a little centralizing points as possible. The public beta release will allow users to deploy & interact with their StakeTree contracts as well as create & edit their own personal pages without anyone being dependent on StakeTree hosting this service.

It’ll be “front-end first” using technologies such as React, Web3.js and IPFS, along with the Ethereum, of course. No data will be silo’d.

What’s next from here?

I’ve lined out a few steps to take to reach the public beta architecture. Luckily most of the features are already complete, it just needs a bit of structure & refactoring to setup this new foundation. Although plans are good, I expect a few speed bumps along the way.

I’m currently putting about 75% of my time into StakeTree while wrapping up some contracted dev projects (non-blockchain) and I’m also helping out building tools for the Ethereum community, such as the Ethereum gas price extension. My initial estimate is to have the public beta ready at the end of Q1 2018. There might be an interim private beta testing phase before it opens as well. So stay tuned on Twitter for more on that.

How can you contribute?

If you’re developer, do follow along on Github for updates.

Also, if you’re interested to join a small online community to chat more about StakeTree, send me an email: nieldlr@gmail.com. I’ll be inviting a few folks in the next few weeks so we have a place to chat about updates, ideas & more.

— -

P.S. — Thanks again for all the support in sharing this vision. Excited for what’s to come!