How to earn tokens with the PRIDE Cardano pool

Stake With PRIDE Pool
4 min readMay 24, 2022


PRIDE pool is part of multiple ISPOs and alliances that entitle you to several tokens and this guide explains how to redeem them!

$ADA: Unlike ISPOs that take 50% or 100% of your ADA, you earn all your ADA like a regular Cardano pool (minus the normal margin fee and min fee of course).

$HOSKY: Since PRIDE is a Hosky ISPO Rug Pool, you earn $HOSKY based on how much you have $ADA staked, and how many Hosky Cash Grab NFTs you have. The math gets complicated quickly, but you can earn millions or billions of $HOSKY each epoch based on your holdings. Each epoch you need to send 2 ADA to the Rug Pool $rugpool bowl address at, and you’ll get back ~1.5+ ADA back with all your $HOSKY. Join the Hosky Discord for more details.

$NEWM: PRIDE is a NEWM partner pool!! Delegators can claim $NEWM from DripDropz. Rewards roll over up to 7 epochs so you don’t have to claim each epoch. More details here and here: .

$FLDT: PRIDE is a part of the FluidTokens ISPO that continues until December 26th 2023. More details on their blog. The first batch of $FLDT tokens can be claimed starting February 2024. You can claim tokens on the ispo portal:

$AA: PRIDE is an Astarter Merged Staking pool which is a little different than normal ISPOs. Here’s you’re expected to already have $AA, and by staking with PRIDE, you earn even more. If you don’t already have any $AA you’ll need to acquire some by buying some off the market. You’ll earn the tokens after the unscheduled Token Generation Even (TGE). Do join the Astarter Discord for the latest details. Links here:

Past ISPOs. You maybe can still claim past rewards.

$MACH & $MBIT: PRIDE is part of the Machiavellic ISPO. Snapshot will be taken EPOCH 398. The ISPO will last 10 epochs, and rewards are cumulative, so you don’t need to claim them every epoch. Your minimum stake to be eligible for $MACH rewards is at least 100 ADA or higher. More details about their project at their website.

$NTX: You’ll need to hold 10k NTX tokens and 150 $ADA. Then use Tosidrops for the rewards. More details here.

$INDY: Indigo is airdropping $INDY tokens in late November to PRIDE delegators since we’re part of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance. Redeem ASAP first come first serve. More details on their blog.

$RNBW: The ISPO is scheduled to begin on June 14 (epoch 418) on TosiDrop. During this period, for each ADA delegated in an epoch, participants will receive 0.01 $RNBW as delegation rewards. The ISPO will last for 32 epochs. To participate in the ISPO and earn rewards, please delegate your wallet to the PRIDE pool. Rewards can be accumulated throughout the ISPO and claimed until epoch 455. More details in Pastel Labs Discord: