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April 1st — Blend Introductory Webinar Via Zoom

By Christian Arita — October 30, 2019


Tezos is a platform for developing and utilizing smart contracts built with on-chain governance. The project raised one of the largest ICOs to date at $232mn, but it became embroiled in legal disputes in late-2017 / early-2018. These disputes delayed its launch, but it eventually launched in mid-2018. Tezos uses delegated Proof-of-Stake to secure its network. Its most recent developments include a successful exhibition of its self-amendment protocol through the Athens and Babylon upgrades.

Factsheet — Metrics:

Price: $0.78

Market Cap: $630mn

Liquidity: $500k

Circulating Supply: 811mn

2050 Supply: 1.92bn

Yield: 7.1%

Staking Ratio: 71.7%


By Christian Arita — October 30, 2019


Decred is described as an autonomous digital currency with governance integrated into its blockchain. It is a fork of btcsuite, a Bitcoin fork written in Go, with differences in its function and consensus algorithm. These differences include an add-on function to embed governance and its consensus mechanism is a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. Decred also implemented Politeia, a censorship-resistant system for public proposals around funding and project-level decisions.

Factsheet — Metrics:

Price: $12.9

Market Cap: $140mn

Liquidity: $970k

Circulating Supply: 10.6mn

2050 Supply: 20.6mn

Yield: 9.3%

Staking Ratio: 50.4%

Beta to BTC: 0.97

Correlation to…

By Jonas Lamis, Founder and CEO of StakerDAO

I’ve spent the past 3 years immersed in crypto. Specifically, I’ve focused on building and running validator operations on top of Tezos, a leading proof of stake blockchain. My company Tezos.Capital is among the largest “bakers” in the ecosystem, and my podcast Tezonomics, and twitter handle @tezoscommunity are widely followed.

What I have witnessed in crypto over this period has been nothing short of astounding. Dozens of credible projects, and thousands of questionable ones, have launched. Billions of speculative investments have flowed. Many of the brightest minds have left whatever they were…


StakerDAO is a platform for governing financial assets in a decentralized, secure, and compliant manner.

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