Voting is OPEN on IOTEX! 95% welcome promo from IoTexTeam for 1000 epochs!

Mar 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello everyone!

Exciting day — voting is open on Iotex, our new project! While we work hard with the foundation to setup the main net, you can vote us and start earning rewards.

Let’s do a recap of what to do

  1. Have some IOTEX in your wallet (you can buy them, for example, on Binance and Bittrex)
  2. Install Metamask. You need the interface provided to vote
  3. Follow this tutorial to create a “voting bucket”. You can create as many as you like. Here we provided some suggestions to maximize the voting power without losing flexibility. The higher the votes — the bigger your rewards
  4. After that you only need to vote as it follows
  • Go on our page here
  • Click on the VOTE button
Image for post
Image for post
Go and vote!
  • You will be prompted with a pop up, that will ask you to use metamask. Continue again
Image for post
Image for post
Just hit Continue

If you still have to create a voting bucket, proceed as it follows. Of course put the staked amount, the duration of the lock-in and the autostake feature if you want to. We again invite you to read our guide here if you need any help

Image for post
Image for post
If you have to create a new voting bucket

If you already created a bucket, select it in the dropdown menù as it follows

Image for post
Image for post
If you already have voting buckets, select them

You now just have to Complete the transaction!

Click on confirm also on metamask, and you should get an acknowledgment. It’s all done! If you need replay with the other existing buckets

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The good news

If you didn’t stake yet, do that immediately! There is an early bird promotion if you stake for at least 28 days. A nice 30% yearly reward on all your staked coins, it’s about 2,5% per month until main net begins!

The even better news

IoTexTeam will be part of the main net kickoff group, meaning that we will be able to provide rewards literally from block 1. We will offer a fantastic promotion to celebrate this, giving you back 95% of every single reward we get for the first 1000 epochs. EVERY. We share everything, every kind of bonus we’ll get from the foundations and even the extra reward if we make it into the consensus (only 12 delegates will be part of the consensus at the beginning!)

We couldn’t do more! If you have any question just join us on our Telegram Channel. Thanks for your trust and join the Team!

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