From Me to You, 2016

One of my greatest experiences happened at one of the lowest points of my life.

A promoter asked me to come to London. I had never been out of the country, my presence had barely reached 3 states.

“We want to bring you here, you have fans that support you”.

I had checked the email on my 30 minute lunch break at a job I had been working at for 4 days. I ran back to work to check my schedule to see how I could pull this off. It was one of those retail jobs that had so many employees, that showing the slightest disinterest in your work schedule would get your hours cut. I was homeless in New York City at the the time, but it was worth the risk.

I asked for two weeks off and they fired me.

When I got to London I had my own hotel room to stay in and a new set of friends I did business with. We did a 4 show run and the road felt like home for first time.

When I came back to Brooklyn, I was still living on a friend’s sofa but, I had experienced an unconditional love and curiosity that changed how I perceived my talent. For that I’m forever thankful.

Eyes Wide Open.

I’m writing to share a realization I had in 2015. The best part of what I do is to be able to connect with people and that’s my biggest goal for the coming year. I’m coming back home to the road, starting with the Midwest and East Coast area. We’re doing small venues where people can come, kick back and celebrate ourselves. Just me, my BCG team and my family, You.

From Me To You, the first leg of my domestic tour. These are the first set of dates:

We’re also still adding dates, and I have new music coming this month before the dates kick off. Look out for it. I hope to see all of my friends and family there.



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