If Trader Joe’s Stopped Publishing “Fearless Flyer,” Would You Notice?
Silvia Killingsworth

I worked as management and customer engagement consultant for TJ’s for about 14 years in it’s highest growth period, so I read this complete post, otherwise, I would have stopped after the first two paragraphs. Silvia, you are not the Comma Queen and the Flyer is not the New Yorker. TJ’s sell stuff, a lotta stuff, and they sell even more stuff at a disproportionate rate for a week or so after that parody of a parody called the Fearless Flyer goes out to millions of consumers and fans. I find the Flyer just a little too self-serving verging on precious, but thankfully, I have some other things to critique other than a retail newsletter. It is, of course, as you must know, considered one of the best examples of content marketing being published these days. Tell a story, and all that . . .

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