Experience + Confidence = Victory

Have you ever been held back from taking the next step? If you are anything like me then chances are the answer is “yes”. Our life experiences have a funny way of developing certain characteristics that can help us become successful or lead us to fail. From a very young age we start to take in everything from our surroundings and eventually these surroundings shape what we become. The best example I can use for this is myself.

For myself winning has never been easy. I did not attend an Ivy League college. My parents were not rich with huge connections. I never played politics to try to get ahead. The fact is I had to work harder than anyone else to get the chances that others normally get without them truly earning these chances. Ringo Starr of the Beatles wrote and released a song called “It don’t come easy” after the Beatles broke up. Ringo eventually managed to stay relevant and successful through the years thanks to his background being a Beatle. This was a perfect example of how experience and confidence combined made him victorious.

A few years ago I was frustrated with how slow my business was taking off. I even developed negative publicity by competitors that tried to destroy what I was working on. At first I decided to just give up and go silent. I wanted to try something different and see where my experience would take me. I kept operating my business, Dealer eTraining with a few clients where I focused on providing hands on consulting and training. I also branched out into a different field of sales and marketing. I need financial breathing room so I took a job with benefits and a steady pay check as a territory manager for a sales and marketing company that was handling a contract for a flooring company.

I spent over two years operating like this. My job transferred me into a different division where I would work with a major pre-paid wireless client as the territory manager. Dealer eTraining was able to grow with new clients, opportunities and ideas. I partnered Dealer eTraining with another company where we now are a full service digital marketing company that also offers training and consulting services to car dealerships. Over the last two years I managed to make a great living, pay off debt, get a clean slate and a fresh peace of mind.

So what have I done here? I took my fourteen years of experience as a sales, marketing and business professional and leveraged it into fresh opportunity. My confidence of knowing that I am truly great at this helped me create a formula for success. Please understand that it took an investment of twelve hours a day and six days a week of nonstop work, travel and networking for things to move forward. There are times even now where my television is not turned on for three months at a time. I have no time for the drama and the scary news out there. I made a decision to live my life and create my own news.

The economy is only going to be as good or bad as you choose to make it for yourself. The President of the United States will only be great or bad for you if you sit back and wait for miracles. The true miracle is created when you look at your bank account on Friday and know that your bills are paid, you can provide help for your family and spend money freely over the weekend to enjoy life. I am not saying that money creates happiness but it sure does solve a lot of problems if they arise. My happiness is when I can take my experience and mix it with my confidence to create a winning formula. Remember that nothing in this life is easy. It is the people that are willing to struggle, take risks and leverage experience that will eventually come out on top.