Treat yourself as a startup business

How did I get inspiration to compare personal development and startup businesses?

I must admit, I did not know a lot about startups, but then I took part in StartUp Weekend in Novi Sad, Serbia this November. I learned a lot and have met some amazing people. Why am I writing this? During that weekend, I heard a lot of interesting ideas and plans how to make them happen.

I said to myself: Think, think, think, maybe you will have a next great idea!” Nothing happened. Well, maybe next time. Then I realized that there are some parallels that we can find in stories of successful startups and successful people.

Story with word “startup” wouldn’t be completed without quote from Steve Jobs:

“Your business will always be your baby, no matter how small or big it is. Just like your real baby, you want to hire a nanny that loves your bundle of joy almost as much as you do.”

This quote is the perfect way to start my post and explain headline. Treat yourself like you (would) treat your baby. Can it be simpler? Must I explain? Treat yourself as every parent in a world supposed to treat their children: like their most precious value and source of happiness. Be your own baby! Love yourself first, then you can love others as well.

What goes next?

  1. Believe in your ideas and make them happen! We are all witness that some of craziest ideas become normal and popular.

2. DO IT! Take some action now! Work hard. Give your best. Do something that you didn’t try never before.

3. Make a great team and have fun! Surround yourself with a people who are on the same mission as you. If you enjoy what you do, with people that you like to work with, that is enough reason to start, isn’t it?

4. It is all about attitude. I remember one young man who had a very funny idea for an android app and he was highly confidential in that idea that he could convince us that we need that crazy app. Maybe he didn’t win, but he is remembered.

5. Learn, learn, learn. If you consider a typical startup story, you will find a lot of learning in it.

6. As I have learned during my NLP training FEEDBACK is LOVEBACK!Take feedback as a chance to improve. More feedback you have, the more information you’ll have to make the right next step. Let the users rate you and use that as a superior tool to measure if you do things well.

7. Manage your business good. Manage yourself good. What is a unique value that you are giving to others? GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED!Think always what you can give to others, not what they can give you…

8. If a business is not profitable, it is time to try something else. Business is made to make a profit. So as you. To make your dreams come true. Your dreams are your ideas. If you are not getting what you want — you are not doing something good. Find a new way!

9. Stay motivated. Stay brave!

“When you are ready to quit you are closer then you think.” -Bob Parsons, Founder

Thank you for reading, looking forward to hearing your comments.


Maja Stančetić