Why The Most Productive People Are Using Standing Desks

What do all the employees at facebook, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, CEO of Cosmopolitan magazine Joanna Coles, power agent Ari Emanuel, and Winston Churchill have in common? They like/liked to work on their feet… literally. Each of these heroically productive people work/worked at a standing or treadmill desk. From the White House to the tech world, high performing individuals and companies are adapting to a changing workplace that is conscious of how important health and well being are to to productivity. The use of height adjustable standing desks in offices nationwide has sky rocketed in the last 3–5 years and people who have adapted this behavior are making a killing.

The busier we are the harder it is to fit exercise into our schedule. Not only does it take discipline but we must dedicate a significant amount of time each day to stay in shape, and while this should be a priority, there is no reason to exacerbate the problem by sitting down all day. A study recently showed that people with white collar jobs spend up to 87% of their waking lives sitting down (not including sleep.) We sit on our way to work, sit at work, sit at lunch, sit on the way home and then sit down for dinner. Even if we exercise for an hour a day it does not offset the negative side effects of extensive sitting. Our lives do not have to be this way! While we do have to work, and many of us have to work in an office, we do not have to work sitting down. This may seem like a recent trend because furniture companies are catching on to the movement, but some of the greatest artists and thinkers throughout history have used standing desks. Leonardo Da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway both used an upright workstation.

Often times I hear people say that they are afraid they’ll get tired easier if they make the transition to a standing or treadmill desk. My response is that tapping into movement is like tapping into creativity, the more you use it, the more you have. Movement and health is a bottomless well that we constantly have to nurture.

Ready to make a difference? As technology continues to make our lives easier we believe we should accept this innovation upright and evolve physically with the changing world. Stand While Working is an online store dedicated to offering the highest quality standing desks, adjustable chairs and work stations on the market. We have products for high powered executives and gritty entrepreneurs who want to hustle but don’t want to blow out their back or their budget. Not ready to get rid of your desk? We also have desk converters designed to be placed on top of your desk, making any surface a standing desk. Human beings were not meant to sit down all day. It’s time to join the worlds most productive people and get up out of your chair.

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