We have all loved games as a kid. Depending on how old you are, it might have been Atari, it may be Nintendo 64, or it could be PlayStation. Either way, Im pretty sure you’d say games took up a good 3–4 hours of your day,

Now, in 2016 gaming has a whole new meaning. Tablets and Smartphones have completely taken over. I know this to be true. Why? I have watched my kids grow up and throw aside their GameBoy’s and Nintendo DS’. Its true, mobile games have truly evolved. Actually, now that I think about it, this revolution started with millennials playing ‘calculator games’ in class on the good ole’ TI-83. Then came NOKIA’s with snake and Tetris. Then it was AngryBirds, CandyCrush, and Minecraft. Listen, technology is a crazy thing, but if we actually take a few seconds to reflect (which nobody does!) its pretty crazy to see how gaming has evolved.

Great intro, right? Now, I’d like to introduce TOPSY GAMES PLY LTD. This is a new mobile gaming company out of Adelaide, Australia. Awesome things coming that will involve bitcoin and a trading platform which will incentivize users to game more. Its early…meaning pre-launch.

But soon, there will be more to share.

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