This month we caught up with LA based Director, anthropologist, and collector of rare and optical artifacts, Jacob Rosenberg. We explore his thoughts on Los Angeles and his passions, skateboarding, film, and photography.

Photo by Pete Thompson

When did you move to LA? What neighborhood did you settle in?

I moved to LA in the fall of 1998 and moved into a three-bedroom apartment with some friends at the bottom of Runyon Canyon. While I love…

Our picks in and around LA for the best of February

LA Art Book Fair

From cool LA-inspired photography and screen-printed penis posters to anti-Trump pins and zines about potatoes, you never know what you’re going to see at this indie art book fair. Held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in LA’s Little Tokyo, we battled the crowds to get inspired by fearless creators, people watch and snag some cool new books for our coffee tables. Special thanks to Printed Matter for putting this on.

Melissa McCarthy as “Spicy” Sean Spicer on SNL

There is really only one word to describe it: Legendary. If you have not seen it, go watch it. Now.

Our all star starting five

  1. B&O Beo H6 Headphones
  2. 20th Century Women
  3. Marie Claire Beauty Image Maker Awards
  4. Apple News
  5. Nike Training

B&O Beo H6 Headphones

This year’s company gift to employees was the B&O Beo H6 Headphones. Every headphone maker in the world should thank the inventor of the open office plan. That whole ‘build a wall, we’ll tear it down’ chant only applies to borders, not creative offices. These headphones are comfy, sturdy, and the speaker is big enough to cover your whole ear — the entire office is raving.

20th Century Women

The best graphic design exists at the intersection of mathematics…

Standard Time

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