Cobak to use STPT on its Platform!

Korea’s #1 crypto platform for half a million users

STPT, the utility token of STP Network, can now be used in Korea’s #1 crypto community platform. Cobak has the world’s leading mobile service, including a crypto wallet, community, realtime price ticker, news, airdrops, and token distribution services. It has the largest number of users by far and has introduced the world to many popular projects through its token distribution events.

Expanding its services, Cobak will offer a number of new events on the website including STP Network’s MTO & Bounty programs, as well as existing events such as airdrops. Users can use STPT in Cobak to participate in events co-hosted by STP, such as MTOs, bounty programs, and airdrops. We expect this will significantly increase the accessibility of our latest products to our Korean users.

In addition, STP will co-host events with Cobak in the near future to promote this close partnership, and $5,000 USD worth of STPT will be provided to the first 1,000 participants through ‘Cobak Live’ and ‘Cobak Airdrop’.

This is only the first step toward expanding STPT’s global usability, and STP Network will continue to expand partnerships to benefit our token holders.

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