Micro Token Offering (MTO) #4

Round 4: Aergo (AERGO)

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The 4th round of STP’s Micro Token Offering has begun! For this round, STP has teamed up with top blockchain project and longtime Block72 partner, Aergo, to establish a close partnership. Aergo and STP will kick off the new relationship with an official MTO! The event will start Tuesday 9:00pm EST and continue until Friday 9:00pm EST with a live leaderboard displaying winners in realtime.

AERGO is an open platform that allows businesses to build innovative applications and services by sharing data on a trustless and distributed IT ecosystem. AERGO is supported and developed by Blocko, Korea’s largest blockchain infrastructure provider.

What is a Micro Token Offering?

An MTO is a chance for individuals to win unlocked tokens of top-quality projects in the STP ecosystem at significant discounts. Anyone in the crypto community can participate in these 3-day MTO events by locking up STPT tokens in the MTO pool — the more STPT they use to participate, the better their chance of winning. All STPT tokens in the MTO pool are entered into a provably fair process to determine the winners. A handful of winners get access to new project tokens at a 50% discount, and all the remaining STPT from the competition will be permanently burned.

We are constantly looking to improve the MTO process, so in this round we will apply upgraded rules and features to enhance the chance of winning and the fairness of the competition. All the remaining TxIDs from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds will automatically be enrolled in the 4th round, and the new TxIDs will be generated via a new process.

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