STP Network IEO Recap

STPT Sold Out In Less Than 1 Second!

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STP is excited to announce the successful completion of our IEO on Bittrex International!

Today at 10:00am EST, STP Network conducted an IEO on the popular Bittrex International exchange which sold out in a fraction of a second. The initial offering of 75 million STPT tokens marks a record as the fastest initial exchange offering to date and implies large demand upon official listing later today.

The token sale was conducted with Bitcoin, requiring those who contributed to send BTC totaling between $10 and $2,500 USD, raising approximately $750,000, or 3.75% of the overall token supply. These funds will be used for further protocol development and the creation of a mobile app for retail users. We will have further updates on this with more detail shortly!

STPT/BTC will begin live trading on Bittrex starting at 8:00pm EST tonight

Given the tremendous success of the STPT IEO and the record-breaking speed, we expect all eyes will be on the STPT token listing which will officially begin live trading at 8:00pm EST tonight.

As CEO Mike Chen put it, “After a series of successful raises with strong partnerships behind us, we are confident in meeting our roadmap goals for 2019 and will be excited to share more news and developments in the coming months.”

Stay tuned!

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